What is Mr Feudals News?

Originally, I used to write blogs about Life is Feudal, this was when the game was still in its early days. I used a platform called blogger and from their, I relayed Information such as tutorials, Changelogs and tips to new Life is Feudal Players. I did this because there was very little on the game in terms of instructional articles or videos. Going by what my readers wanted, they wanted more visual tutorials instead of screenshots and stills of things that may be useful. I took to Youtube to create tutorials for my readers and from there I developed my name and what I am currently known for in Life is Feudal. I did stop for a brief couple months due to external reasons, but come January 2017 I re-booted my tutorials with better audio and visuals to boost.

I created this website because Youtube is just a platform with rules and restrictions. Using this website I intend to populate it with Articles, How To's and Tutorials. As well as my videos on Life is Feudal: Your Own and the MMO, I also add Let's Plays on Big Name and Indie Games.
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