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5th November 2017
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Interview with the Vanirs Krigsmen

The Vanirs Krigsmen are a Norse-themed community of PvE and PvP-ers. With players hailing from every continent but Antartica, the Vanirs Krigsmen is a well-established, passionate guild in the Life is Feudal world!
Firstly, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Can you introduce yourself?
Sure! My name (as far as the internet knows) is Dragmar Vanirsson. I currently reside in a city in the middle region of Norway, where I work as an accounting consultant in a bank.
Awesome! So how long has your guild been established, where did it start?
The core leadership of Vanirs Krigsmen came together sometime in spring/summer of 2015, but under another name. We then decided to remake our name when we swapped LiF:YO server and hence the Vanirs Krigsmen was founded in august 2015. So, as a clan, we’ve been around for over 2 years, and most of our core members from back then are still going strong. We just love this game.
We’re so glad to hear that!
That’s really cool – and so nice to know most of the core members are still going strong! So the Open Beta Test is just around the corner, has the guild done anything to prepare?
LiF:MMO was always our goal, even back when we first started out in 2015. So basically everything we do is to prepare. The way we organize our guys, the way we do diplomatic talks with other guilds, the way we approach scouting the map and trying to figure out who else will be around.
And of course having a pretty sizable presence in the closed beta helped us prepare. We were able to look around the map, figure out what works and not, and get an overall feel for what we want to do now after the “point of no return”.
Good plan. You guys sound very organised. How important do you think organisation is for a guild to thrive in the MMO?
I would say organisation is everything. Yeah, smaller guilds can manage fine with everyone doing their own little thing and gradually make some progress. But if you want to compete, if you want to make sure you don’t get pushed out by someone else, you need to have good organisation.
Agreed! In terms of competing, how do the Vanirs Krigsmen plan on staking their claim and progressing in Abella*?
We will work as a team with our Federation to find and develop the best spot that suits our needs. Our federation if very much focused on team work in building, defending and enjoying the game together.
That sounds like a good starting plan. Is there anything you are all looking forward to specifically in the OBT?
Getting more people involved is of course gonna be very interesting, just to see how all the mechanics and dynamics of a completely player-driven world scales up with more people. And as an economy buff IRL, I personally can’t wait to see trade and economy come more into play than what was the case in the CBT.
Ah, of course! Trading can be a great tool to really establish your guild and help it flourish – what kind of plans do you guys have to utilize this?
We’re already in talks with some guilds that we know are going to be in other regional areas than us. So that we can start building a beneficial trade partnership for both sides. As a larger guild, we are also hoping that the trading post system will allow us to help the smaller guilds and solo players out a bit. We know our production of normal everyday items like basic food, tools, etc. will most likely be higher than our base needs, so being able to provide these basic items by trading for whatever that guild or solo player specializes in is something we want to do.
That’s awesome, and really nice that you’re wanting to aid smaller clans and people starting off! Do you also have any advice for the players who are experiencing the MMO for the first time this OBT?
The best advice I can give anyone stepping into LiF:MMO is that this is an MMO with a very significant focus on the ‘Massively Multiplayer’ part of Massively Multiplayer Online game. Yes, you can technically play this game solo, but don’t expect to leave a mark on the world if you do. Since this is a entirely player-driven world, you are not some fabled hero when you step into this MMO, you are a simple peasant walking around barefoot and in rags. So in order for you to make your own destiny and put your mark on Abella you need to interact with the other players around you. So I recommend you either find a guild to play with, or form a guild of your own with your friends.
That’s great advice – and we do definitely agree that teamwork is super important in Life is Feudal. Do you have any general predictions for the OBT?
My prediction would be that most guilds will be fully occupied with securing their general area early on. That due to the increased amount of players, everyone will want to make sure they control key points of interest in their backyard. I can imagine a bit less of “across the entire map” type of travel to attack that one specific guild you have issues with from the past, and a more focused effort on growing your influential zone of control. Then eventually when guilds get settled in and the borders are drawn I do expect to see some massive and epic battles and sieges. We’ve already had some rather large battles in the CBT so I’m sure most guilds that took part there will want to see more of those.
Yes, we are also really excited to see how areas develop, alliances form and – eventually – battles take place!
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and chatting to us. Do you have any parting words?
To all of you who are about to step into this fresh world I want to say: good luck, have fun, and remember this game is 100% player-driven, so we as a community have the final say in how fun and enjoyable it becomes.
*Abella is the name of the mainland within the MMO world

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