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1st December 2017
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A Warning to RP Players

Life is Feudal

A Warning to RP Players on Life is Feudal your Own

As much as the title says it, this is a warning to those who still play Life is Feudal your Own, especially the RP community. Now, I suck at RP, I really do, for those who don’t know what “RP” means, it’s essentially an abbreviation of “Roleplay” to pretend to be something you are not in a game or show etc. Think about playing Vikings from the show Vikings in a Game where you can play as Vikings… Easy right?

So why am I warning you, the RP community of Life is Feudal your Own? Well, to cut it short, I joined [US] Rehab Gaming RP/RiverSide Map/Fast Tera/Starting Kit+horse and had the worst time I have ever had in LIFYO. I hate losing fights, I really hate herbalism too, but these idiots take the cake for most con related server ever. Let me explain this.

My buddies and I were having a little time off the MMO to enjoy what LIFYO was all about, a private server 64 slots and land to conquer essentially, at least that what it looks like to us, we like PVP, can’t help it. However, we decided, why not try a little roleplay? We could work our MMO guild theme to our advantage, why don’t we become Vikings in this server? Seems cool right?

The stats and options were very appealing especially since we didn’t want to dedicate lots of time to it since the MMO is the main priority for us. So we joined, made RP names and we started out by joining an individual who shared our thoughts of, Viking guild, short and sweet settings, low time dedication and high output. He also shared our thought on, if we are Vikings, Vikings plundered and raided settlements, so in less than 6 hours we have our spears, axes and slings burst to go. We target a little village close to us, who seems to be far more equipped and established than we were. We walked in and spoe directly over VOIP and local chat to the leader in a very menacing tone. “You, Christian, on your knees” – (no response from Mr Christian) – so again, “Christian, get on your knees or you will feel this axe across your head” – (no response from Mr Christian) – So we thought, they must be AFK, no biggie, we’ll just go back it was our first isntance of hostility and we choose and AFK player, sucks but it happens…

SUDDENLY WE HEAR IT… “What the fuck are you doing on my land, get off my land you filthy scum or I will inform the king of your insolence”… A sign of hostility, we continue this VOIP chatter for another 30s or so, exchanging warnings and threats. This guy had a War Sycthe (What a joke) and we were ready. He pulled his scythe out into war stance and the fight took place. My preferred weapons, a targe and battle axe with a backup spear, knocked him down, flurried him with hits with my Axe where he eventually could not take it – He fleed into the field and turned around. To us, he was preparing to equip a sling, an effective but very clumsy weapon. Instead, he yielded where we stopped, looked at him and he then stood up. At this point, I sheathed my axe and spear, and fastened my shield to my back, wound up and uppercut and cracked him in the jaw. He lay there unconscious with his loot bag in full view.

Now, why is this part of the story? It’s just a little stepping stone to what we have to get to. Now Mr Christian, he was very angry – progressed to call me a “Scottish cunt” but I let them breeze over because he META gamed and started chanting the slurs and curses that are usually presented by someone who always wins and never loses, at least in his mind. Now, at this point I get contacted by a GM, a Game Master, think an Admin with a stupid amount of power. He starts talking to us saying “did you guys RP that engagement?” which was followed by a very confident “yes, we sure did”. This GM seemed to believe me after providing a log of my local chat with time stamp entries, but only after providing that. Now Mr Christian was that mad he took it upon himself to harass and constantly charge with his horse at my guys to cause heavy blunt damage. After a few incidents, we never cared, only until he charged through our claim and KO’d a new player who I was teaching. Now at this point, I am now a lancer, a fully equipped fighter ready to play chicken with spears. We chase him and follow him to his claim. I am accompanied by a friend on the claim who doesn’t know how strength works in the game, but that’s beside the point, back onto the story. We meet him at his front gate, now me being me, I think “wait this is an RP server, I need to talk to him before I even engage”. We stop just a few tiles from his gate and start typing in local “Why are you constantly harassing aggressive fighting players?”, the message doesn’t make it to the local chat log, he has now sallied forth to attack with a torch… Stupid move – I now jump off my horse to now deploy my heavy Targe shield and single-handed Falchion blade, a truly hard cutting sword that seems to be the META. to cut this story short, we killed them, they respawned to pick up hatchets to attack us in res-sickness to which we graciously sent them back to respawn.

The GM’s are now seeming a little on edge that two players managed to clean wipe a guild of 5 harassers, they are now asking us to join their discord to discuss this “mess”. I join, so do all of my friends to listen to Mr Christian, who by the way is also in here chanting and shouting at me for breaking RP and KOS’ing hard (KOS means Kill on sight in the gaming world). Now they start telling packets of lies, telling the GM’s who seems to be openly believing these players – only to be completely shut down since I was Streaming the whole engagement on my streaming platform, Mixer. The evidence was given, I was let off the hook, but not without a lingering set of eyes watching over my claim on the map.

Now this server really disliked us already as they could tell we were progressing 100% faster than they ever could even with the manpower they had. Then I hear this thing that they have a DONATION STORE to buy in game objects, resources and structures via method of paying REAL MONEY. This was a total shock to me, especially when you read the prices out loud £2 for wooden wall placements, $5 for a GM’d Blacksmith, $4 for Two story homes, $6 for 3 Story homes, the list kept going! I didn’t think people were this stupid and feeble enough to actually donate to this until I heard one of my claim members on the map had previous bought $40 worth of wall placements… I’ll let you read that again and let it sink in a bit. $40, real currency, real money, not fake monopoly cash, this was real money they were exchanging for GM built walls which are SHIT.

So, now I have this overwehlming feeling that various people are now buying walls and strutures because after 2 days of it being wiped, theres a Keep in the West, various walled settlements with SHACKS inside, open settlement plans with 3 story plaster homes and large Warehouses and Stables – Right, I get the RP thing, but to give players these things, especially new players to this game, makes the whole thing seems like crap – To get this building, either learn to play the game or cut some cash and a GM will build it for you – One is appealing and one is not, I get it but doing that you learn nothing about he game, the mechanics, nothing.

We now have the walls that were paid for – shit quality, bad durability and I just hate the sight of them… But at least I have my friends and we can go RP raiding, that’s fine, but wait… Make sure you record because if you are the aggressor and you don’t have proof of RP, then you get banned… Ok… So we cover ourselves with recordings (which I can supply by the way). We go raiding, we record and what do you know we have a GM down our necks saying “I JUST WANT TO REMIND YOU OF THE RULES OF RAIDING”… Ok, which we followed to the point, I don’t understand why you are in our channel and throwing a fit at us. To clarify, Mrs Hel is known as “The Queen of Sweden”, she lives in a Kingdom claim (Some bullshit made up by the GM’s and Owner) and if they do not have walls, you can’t touch them… Even if they have spawned in Q100 Heavy armour with 50 Durability… Fine, it’s RP you want to have a kingdom, that’s fine, but if I catch them off claim I can touch them as much as I want… That’s just what happened, my friend, Ned happen to come across the Queen of Swedens subjects, off claim, gathering materials. Ned RP raids them in a nicely fashioned way – Your money or your Life, choose carefully or wake up on top of your house – a little joke that if you make a house in Life is Feudal and you die, you can sometimes spawn on top of your house… It’s funny I know. He then fights 2 subjects, then the Queen herself… It’s a slaughter, using his Bardiche and Sledgehammer he cuts them up and plants them hard. Only when he runs with the loot do we get Mrs Hel in our ears screeching like a dog in heat.

We have the GM’s full attention now, Hel has also tried to say there was more than just Ned fighting but with hard video evidence, Ned turned the tables and showed that Hel broke her own rules during the engagement. So, what do we do now? We lay low, that’s what we do… We log off for a day or so and come back fresh and ready – we bring new players who I am still teaching the game to as you read this and they are having the best time. Learning the game and playing the PVP, even when we lose they are happy to just have the experience of being in such intense battles. So I log in one day and I join Discord to the sound of Ned telling “Feudal, I went over to Norway (West side of the map) and they weren’t pleased to see me, infact, I killed 4 of them and saw their leader in royal chain. But, get this, the 4 I killed ran back with heavy armour with no res-sickness and ganked me”. Before I continue, Res-sickness is a super Debuff to a character who has died, you use 3 times more stamina for actions, you run 2 times slower and your attack speed is halved. So now I know Norway (which btw is backed by the owner of the server, one called Splinter) has a claim with a chap in royal armour… Fancy, but he doesn’t know how to use it let alone has the constitution to even wear the bloody armour. I now feel slightly betrayed by the GM’s. I have caught them covering each others back on rules that don’t seem to apply to them nor their followers. I have openly blasted them that paying for buildings is a bullshit concept that needs to removed. I have witnessed them creating lies to make my claim look bad. I have also found that they also shit on players they raid, so hard in fact that they spawn kill the players they raid… Pathetic GM’s and their lackeys. I have also discovered them snooping my containers for items I made in the game without any donations being made. I’m reeling in anger and then we see it “Any attempt of aggression against the kingdom of Noway will be met as an act of war”… We mount up and ride to hit the “Capital of Norway” where they were all online, albeit in spawned gear, but gear doesn’t mean anything when you don’t have the skill to use it. So we get there and show a force these people don’t seem to be afraid of, fools but that’s a good thing, at least they have a spine to stand and fight. So I have a simple discussion with their leader who had “woken up from a bad hang over” and that we should “Go away before we get booted for griefing”, then the owner of said server appears and tells us in plain terms – Go away or you get banned. He claims he has Videos, Screenshots and all the evidence to show that we were the aggressor (Bullshit) because we have the footage too which shows the story from start to finish – including Ned taking on 4 people who tried to gank him to then get ganked by the same people out of res-sickness. We give up, we give up on the server because the Owner and his GM’s are so jaded in what they believe is right and they don’t follow their own goddamn rules to the point that they will turn everyone against us because we the “raiders” of the server. A pathetic excuse of a server owner, a badly organised team of GM’s who are power hungry and feel the need to shit on new players who don’t agree with them and especially on those who know how to play the game. I openly had a conversation with a player who had played in the previous iteration where this player who will remain nameless becasue I don’t want Splinter throwing a sissy fit and banning the guy for simply telling me a very interesting story. So Splinter is the kind of guy who thinks he knows everything about a game just because he can PVE properly, but when it arrives at PVP, he falls hard. This nameless player told me that Splinter challenged a single player who was RP raiding everyone to single combat. Now this clever devil saw that Splinter decided to spawn Heavy Armour, ultra Durability in which as seasoned LIF players know is tough, very tough. Being equally clever and cunning, Mr Raider which we will call him for this, coated his Falchion in Mag 5 poison… A dirty bastard move but clever to enough to beat Heavy Armour – Splinter lost his shit and banned the guy for simply winning an engagement that Mr Raider felt was one-sided. So there you go, Splinter spits the dummy when he can attack everyone but as soon as someone beats him, loses his mind in anger.

For those who didn’t read all that this is the TLDR section:

We joined a server, followed RP rules to the point, recorded evidence, the GM’s were power hungry and spawning gear for their friends and followers to basically one-up us who were playing legit. The owner protects his friends to the point where interference by the GM’s is so common you can see their flares (When they appear in GM with torches on their back and they hit F8 again and leave the flame where the torch was) which is always near structures that couldn’t have been built 2 days in and containers that were missing items. I urge everyone to boycott this server as the server is wrank with bullshit and people who loophole rules and get Admin/GM backing on them. Don’t go there expecting to have a fair, level ground to stand on, expect to walk in, look up and see the GM’s and their friends on the high ground and you in a pit with no escape.


In the time I have written this, I have discovered that not only have the GM’s banned me and all my friends, but the people who were not associated with me aka the friendly claims around us have been affected. At the end, we told them we want to give them our base as it has everything they need to learn + items and weapons they can use for what they want. Wel, splinter levelled the entire base apart from the house where these people had bound to as a home – we expelled ourselves from it and after figuring out that some players were now on our turf, Splinter got all his GM’s in /inv which is short for “Invincible” took them to the claim, destroyed everything but the house and repeatedly killed the players who were not associated with us. Ladies and Gentlement, I give you carebear Rehab Life is Feudal, a place where if you don’t do what you are told like a child you will be repeatedly killed over and over and told that it was within rules (when its not). These people are not Life is Feudal community players, they are ARK players who think they know how this game works. They do not represent what real Life is Feudal Your Own or MMO Community. I mean even the enemies of my MMO guild aren’t that weak spined to do something along those lines. They butcher new players to the point where they get turned off the game because they think it’s another Rust.

Rehab Gaming

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