Life is Feudal: Your Own | S3 E3
5th February 2018
Life is Feudal MMO | Instanced Battle | Revenant Vs Apex
12th February 2018

Pondcast at 8pm Sunday 11th

The PondCast with Mr Feudal
The Pondcast with Mr Feudal

February 11th at 8pm - Get there!

On Sunday I will be attending a podcast with the infamous TSOG, CasualGuy and MrJDucky. These 3 presenters are all streamers on the platform Mixer which is growing day by day. They have started their own podcast rightfully named "The Pondcast" which I will be attending to talk about Games, Latest releases and other topics that we feel relevant. Their first episode was a great success with a good turn out of viewers who sent questions, answers and engaged with the hosts. Their special guest on their second epsiode was Mr Atrocity who is a well known Mixer Streamer. 

This episode will be fun, this will be my first podcast and hopefully I will see some of my subscribers there or some guys who may not know me. I'll see you all on Sunday 11th at 8pm.

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