The Black Death
The Black Death
14th March 2018
Ancestors Legacy
Ancestors Legacy
17th March 2018

Attention all players of Avalon [EU]

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LIF:MMO Avalon [EU] players


This is incredibly important, especially for the progress and preservation of the EU Avalon Server. Those who play on the Avalon server, if you have not seen the notes on the recent patch, then you will not know that 100v100 Instanced Battles now have a loss penalty of 5 tiles and 50v50 Instanced Battles now have a loss penalty of 2.5.

Those who understand that mechanics of LIFMMO will know that you can grow 5 tiles back in 24 hours which gives these penalties virtually no strength. As my friend Sharana put it:

Sorry Bobik, but we were not supposed to have RP servers everywhere. If there is RP Buyan that whines to you they can’t roleplay Chinese invasion and don’t want damage to their claims what has Avalon to do with that? It says “PvP” for a reason and the damage buff didn’t come out of nowhere, it was requested and long awaited.
What is the reason for IBs if nothing can be achieved? Claims grow back with 1 tile each morning lag, that means they grow pretty much 5 tiles every 24 hours. Now we are back to absolutely meaningless IBs where the claim recovers faster then you can downgrade it.

We urge you to reconsider that last patch addressing the whining yesterday – if you want to keep Buyan as RP world fine, but don’t bring that ruleset to Avalon please. We want meaningful IBs, because fighting for the sake of fighting gets old and repetitive very fast. Can’t damage the town claim anyway, so what is the problem to have the claim damages we had before the patch today?

Time to vote and let’s see how it looks.

For those who do not understand this:

  1. Your guild drops an Instanced Battle totem on your enemy for a 100 vs 100.
  2. You win/lose that Instanced Battle.
  3. You/they lose 5 tiles from the Guild claim.


  1. Your guild drops an Instanced Battle totem on your enemy for a 50 vs 50
  2. You win/lose that Instanced Battle
  3. You/they lose 2.5 tiles from the Guild claim.

Now, this means Instanced Battles are now back to being essentially pointless because within 24 hours your enemy has 5 tiles back… This means you would need to place various totems, but even this is not viable due to the expense and end results.

Join me and various others on Avalon, sign this petition to allow this community on Avalon to speak freely to Bobik about making the loss for each level of IB more than just 2.5 or 5.

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