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17th March 2018
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25th March 2018




FPS, Tactical, Realistic, Military, Shooter

Offworld Industries

About this game:

Squad is a 50 vs. 50 multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication, team play, and an emphasis on unit cohesion mechanics as well as large-scale coordination, tactics, and planning gameplay. It features large open maps, vehicle-based combined arms gameplay, and player-constructed bases to create a heart-thumping, visceral gaming experience which mixes organized tactical multi-squad planning with split-second decision-making in real-world scale firefights.

It features large open maps, vehicle-based combined arms gameplay, and player-constructed bases to create a heart-thumping, visceral gaming experience which mixes organized tactical multi-squad planning with split-second decision-making in real-world scale firefights. Squad is riding the wave of significant advances in the Unreal Engine 4 in the last year, bringing Squad to market as the meat and potatoes tactical FPS shooter the community has been waiting for nearly a decade.

Squad ultimately is a thinking man’s game, played out as a large-scale tactical FPS PvP shooter with a dozen levels of long perfected meta built into our game design. Squad currently had a mod-friendly SDK currently available via the Epic Unreal Engine Launcher, ready for modders to get their hands on and develop their ideas on Squad’s code and asset base.

Key Features:

  • Combat Pace: Combat and gameplay in Squad is more fluid than ARMA which can sometimes be as long as 3 hours. This isn’t something players want to be involved in. At the same time, they want games to last longer than 10-30 minutes which we see a lot in Battlefield games. Squad is a healthy balance of both where firefights are common and quickly started and ended. Game length can be as long as 45 mins to an hour but during that time, you will be met with various scenarios such as capturing and defending points, engaging vehicles and enemy squads.
  • Tactical Teamwork: Squad is a realism based FPS game and it is a requirement that all players who lead or follow in squads are able to communicate via Mic. Communication can range from Local, Squad, Squad Leader and All comms. Local comms, pressing “V” on your keyboard, is essentially speaking without the radio, communicating to players within earshot of you. Squad comms are mainly for your squad, pressing “B” on your keyboard allows you to communicate to your squad only. Squad Leader comms is the ability to communicate to other squad leaders out on the field. Using the Numpad numbers 1-9 you can communicate to individual squad leaders on how to move or attack strategically. Pressing “G” on your keyboard allows you to voice across all squad leader radios, this isn’t common but it’s handy for squads in groups to quickly radio in critical information.
  • Base and Field Building: Base and Field buildings in Squad are essential for checkpoints and Forward Operating Bases (FOB’s). Using logistics in the form of vehicles, you can shuttle resources and supplies to and from your main base to possible FOB’s where you can set up fortifications, mounted weapons and even mortars. Be sure you do not waste your supplies because losing some of these fortifications can impact your tickets.
  • Ticket System: During your gameplay, you will notice that you have tickets which are essentially respawning tickets. These tickets govern how long the game can be. If your team is well equipped and communicate effectively you can drain the enemy tickets quickly. If your team, however, is the opposite you will struggle to take points and drain the enemy tickets. Capturing strategic points also helps with this, draining the enemy side of tickets over time. The more points you take, the faster their tickets drain.
  • Open Development Team: The Developers of Squad are very open to their community who take bug reports seriously and assign priority to bugs that appear frequently. Not just that, they release development news which is very detailed, every news post they launch includes Patch Notes, Screenshots, WiP details and information for the next patch which is a big benefit.

My Review

Lead or follow in Squad, either way, you are going to be walking into a range of firefights that include vehicles, bombardments and attacking/defending fortified positions… It’s the ultimate tactical FPS game.

I have been playing Squad for a long time now. Since the date they released as an Early Access title on Steam, I have watched and been part of the endless cycle of updates and patches that have now landed us on Version 10. The developers have done an amazing job of making the game what it is right now and if they continue with these frequent patches and updates we will soon see aerial vehicles and more advanced maps.

Squad, as mentioned, is a tactical FPS game, it requires you to talk to squads, your squad mates and speaking locally to friendlies. You need a good Squad Leader who can mark targets, communicate with other squads to move strategically and make the entire experience both fun and intense. Having a mic in this game is a big must have as the community of this game talk to each other a lot, especially those who are considered veterans or pros. Do not let the Military style put you off though, you do not need to say “roger” or “copy” with every command over the radio, this game is also played casually by thousands.

The maps in this game are diverse and the factions too, are also going to be diverse. The maps can span 8km² which is incredibly large. This allows vehicles to freely move without much restriction.

This is going to be an earth-shattering Tactical FPS game when it’s finally finished and in its current state, it’s still an enjoyable game. IF you are a fan of games such as Arma and Rising Storm, this is a game that will most definitely tick all your boxes. Try it out, join or lead a squad and see how far you can get before being levelled by enemy mortars… Those things are deadly accurate sometimes…

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