Far Cry 5 Episode 3
6th April 2018

New Content Coming…

New fishing content

New Content Coming

and it's really fishy...

As of today (15/04/2018) I, Mr Feudal will be adding brand new content to the channel in the form of fishing excursions. It’s not widely known, but, I am an avid angler who loves to fish for all sorts of species. I plan to start this new content soon as it is coming up to May, this is when the Mayflies start to surface. This drives Brown Trout mad and they start preying on this flies. I hope to get some fn footage of myself going up my local rivers catching these Brown Trout.

As we go into the middle of the year, I hope to also get you guys some footage of the Salmon runs in my local rivers. For some time now, the Salmon numbers have been booming and catches have been getting higher. Salmon are serious fighting fish and they are a joy to catch and release (That’s right I catch and release). I won’t be taking them on the fly however, I’ll most definitely be taking them on spinners and lures on my spinning rods.

Throughout the year I also plan to make regular journeys to the Coast of Scotland hit the ocean for Mackerel, Pollack, Cod fish and maybe something new. I used to have a 15ft boat with a decent sized outboard engine on it, but I sold that years ago. It was a fantastic thing to have, especially when you had a big open bay to play about on. I’ll be doing my fair share of Rock and Pier LRF as well as some Beach casting for Dogfish and the potential big flatty’s.

Not only will I cover the Local Freshwater and coastal saltwater, I will also be doing some days out at Fisheries that I consider to be the best and my favourite. These fisheries will usually allow me to take the odd fish home with me and I could even show you how to catch and cook them! The species from Local fisheries can be: Rainbow Trout, Tiger trout, Blue Trout and serious fat and powerful Brown Trout.

Due to my work being Mon-Fri, most of my trips will either be pre-planned or weekend trips for a day or two just landing fish after fish. This will not take priority over my Gaming side of the channel as I am also an avid gamer, as you all know. This turn in content comes from the fact that I don’t get out as much anymore, I used to be a very active individual, but due to getting ‘auld’ (Old) I have to focus most of my attention on adult-related problems; insurance, dependencies, rent etc. You get it, we all grow up and set aside our hobbies, that boring depressing story.

So what sort of content can you expect?

  1. Fishing Trips (hopefully) all over Scotland.
  2. Trips to fisheries and maybe some catch and cook stuff.
  3. Reviews on some of the gear I use actively.
  4. Places to go and places to grab gear from (Stores and Online shops).
  5. Maybe some tutorials for the new guys to maybe try? (knot tying, rigs and setups).
  6. Action filled videos with tips and maybe some tricks from my own grey matter.

What sort of fish will you catch?

  • Wild Brown trout
  • Red Finned Perch
  • Pike
  • Freshwater Eel
  • Mackerel
  • Pollack
  • Wrasse
  • Falt Fish
  • And more that I haven’t caught yet

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